Huanglong dried fruit company, Huanglong walnuts, China Walnut township
Huanglong dried fruit company, Huanglong walnuts, China Walnut township
Huanglong dried fruit company, Huanglong walnuts, China Walnut township
Huanglong dried fruit company, Huanglong walnuts, China Walnut township
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  Huanglong dried fruit company was founded in 1992, state-owned enterprises, the existing staff of 35, is an introduction of improved varieties, technology promotion and demonstration, production, processing and sales of integrated enterprise, with assets of more than 1168 yuan. Long-term and Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to establish technical support relationships built with the leading domestic level, the most complete varieties of pure walnut seedling breeding, production pilot demonstration base of 2000 acres (god-head miaozhen base Yaozi first township Sheng base ), walnuts primary processing workshop 1600m2. Was identified as "Spark Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprise", "provincial modern agricultural demonstration base technology entrepreneurs," corporate credit rating through certified as AA.
  二:Product honors case
  Walnut products in the company’s first agricultural fair was Hou Yang Ling Awards, competitions at the forest in Shaanxi Province ranked first in the province in 2004, the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Organic Certification Center of the organic certification, 2007 small and medium enterprises in Shaanxi Province was awarded the title of Famous, 2008 was identified as the Trade and Industry Bureau of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, in 2009 was recognized as the national geographical indications protection products, 2011 to participate in the inaugural Chinese walnut festival were given gold, silver and excellent Award in November 2012 for the second session of the China International Forestry Industry Exposition, April 2013 won the national industrial products production license (QS certified).
  Huanglong dried fruit company adopted a "company + base + cooperative + farmers" in the form of propaganda to guide the majority of growers timely harvest, scientific and rational rinsing drying, under the premise of ensuring quality recycling cooperatives, fruit farmers, the product relies on organic production, strict production, processing and marketing chain, well-designed packaging, strict screening classification, the "Dragon walnuts" to the best image, push the top end of the market, led by leading enterprises and radiation significantly improved.
  四:Production capacity
  The annual production of walnut seedlings grafted finished 2,000,000, 5,000,000 meters scion varieties, pure varieties, walnut acquisition of processing 6,500 tons, 3,000 tons of common walnut.
  We will be "scientific management as a means of organic production as the core, quality strategy-oriented, high-quality products as a fundamental" concept, expanding size of the company, to develop the domestic market, bigger and stronger walnut industry.

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